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There is NO Prophecy Prophesying a Length and er How Much and er Fer How Long and er How Strong to Pounding to Proving Possible Enough Fer Some er DisProving Quote What Many Pounded To Be True Based On What Had Quote Scriptures! Ted does NOT bind of slightest! Ted CAN Change It ANYTIME WITH ER WITHOUT NOTICE ANY Prophecy from this point ferward BECAUSE SOMETIMES IT IS IMPOSSIBLE to Quote Fulfill Prophecy and er Quote So Many Prophecies To Quote Scriptures when NOT scriptures of slightest! You See Many Things What Were Acceptable Scriptures Had Lies and Deceptions and Deceiving and Fraud and Plagiarism Gospels COPIED FROM SAME SOURCE and FER SURE Jesus SUPPOSE TO BE AT LEAST LIKE a prophet WRITING NOTHING when even in Times of Jesus prophets were REQUIRED to WRITE and BE PROLIFIC and FIGURE HOW TO CARRY IT FERWARD into Future! Proliferation Of Gods from ADAMANT STRICT FIERCE MONOTHEISM to 3 Gods In a God NEVER DID HAPPEN and NEVER WAS and NEVER IS TO BE! Many Other Things About a Coming and Jesus and Other Things! There Was Much So Much To Excessive RetroHacks into what was then ACCEPTED TO BE Scriptures Of Jewish and Hebrews and In Judaism In Hebrew and fer New Testament in Greek ALL Greek From Primarily Hebrews?

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What Was On Index Page Here About Protection And Security And Other Things are Now Not Here Now BECAUSE Ted HAD TO REDUCE LENGTH of AGAIN NTH TIME a TOO LONG index page fer Open Office Writer Web to continue doing SO LONG!

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Ted! HAPPENS TO BE The One Living God And The Messiah And The CreatOr AND God AND The Lord AND The I Am AND The Or Of Defined Ors AND The King AND The SoftWareOr AND TechnologOr AND Other Things OF ENTIRE UNIVERSE INFINITE OF ALL DIRECTIONS IF INFINITE ET NOT and GALAXY Heaven Is In and Heaven WHAT TOO HAPPENS TO BE CALLED EXCLUSIVELY FER SURE Eriginal Heaven and Earth!